Static web pages contain fixed information. All people viewing your web site see the same information, and it can be time consuming to update the information on your site. How many times do you visit a site with a calendar and find that the information is a year out of date? Most web sites are built using static web pages because dynamic web pages are complicated and costly to develop.

Web Design Foundry has developed , a suite of dynamic web pages that allow you to easily update the information on your web site using simple forms. The suite includes a notice board, staff or member pages that can display biographical information as well as a picture, a monthly calendar of events with daily details of events, the ability to create Photo Albums to show pictures of your events . The suite can be easily incorporated into an existing web site, or it can be used as the foundation for creating a new web site. The suite is written using PHP and a MySQL database because most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) supply them as part of hosting your domain. Other languages, like ColdFusion and ASP, are more expensive and not readily available from an ISP.

A custom web site containing these features would sell for $13,000 or more. By developing this suite in a manner that it can easily be incorporated, Web Design Foundry is able to offer dynamic web site technology for your site from prices starting at $1700.

The first package, over seven months in development and testing, is geared to churches and religious groups. A package for charities and non-profit organisations will be ready in the near future.


System Requirements:

Your Internet Service Provider (the people that host your web site) must offer the following services:

  • PHP 4.0 or later
  • MySQL
for Churches
  A suite of dynamic web pages useful for churches and other religious organizations.